Start Page Timer Command


This command switches on the named stopwatch page timer. Page timers are used to collect statistics about pages. Some "Start Page Timer" statements are automatically added to the script during the capture just before the PRIMARY HTTP requests. "End Page Timer" statements are also added just after the last secondary HTTP requests associated to each PRIMARY HTTP request.
A stopwatch timer is switched off by the END PAGE TIMER command.


Start Page Timer pageTimerName;
End Page Timer pageTimerName;



A string literal defining the page timer name.


integer iTimerValue;

Start Page Timer "MyTimer";

HTTP GET HOST "localhost" URL "/test.html";

End Page Timer "MyTimer";

Load Timer "MyTimer" into iTimerValue;
log "Time to load test.html = " + ToString(iTimerValue) + " ms";


Time to load test.html = 160 ms

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