Start Timer Command


This command switches on the named stopwatch timer.
There is no limit to the number of stopwatch timers that can be switched on at any one time. However, if a timer is switched on twice without being stopped in the interim, the first timer is effectively cancelled and the timer starts from the beginning when it is restarted.
A stopwatch timer is switched off by the END TIMER command.


Start Timer timerName;
End Timer timerName;



A character string expression defining the timer name.


integer iTimerValue;
String MyTimerNameVar;

MyTimerNameVar= "My Timer is a variable";

Start Timer MyTimerNameVar;
    Start Timer "MyTimer";
        NAVIGATE "http://localhost/test.html";
    End Timer "MyTimer";
End Timer MyTimerNameVar;

Load Timer "MyTimer" into iTimerValue;
log "Time to load test.html = " + ToString(iTimerValue) + " ms";


Time to load test.html = 160 ms

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