Array Variables


String, integer and float variables may be defined as arrays.
AgileLoad supports arrays of up to three dimensions. There is no defined limit to the number of elements that can be declared in an array dimension.


INTEGER name[];
INTEGER name[][];
INTEGER name[][][];
FLOAT name[];
FLOAT name[][];
FLOAT name[][][];
STRING name[];
STRING name[][];
STRING name[][][];



The name of the variable. This must be a valid AgileLoad Dataname.


The number of brackets following the variable name define the number of dimension of the variable:


INTEGER arrayInt[];
STRING arrayString[][];

arrayInt[1] = 12;
arrayInt[2] = 3;
arrayInt[3] = arrayInt[1] + arrayInt[2];

arrayString[10][15] = "something";
Log arrayString[10][15];

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