Variable File Option


The variable file option associates an ASCII text file of values, one per line, to a variable:

INTEGER variable FILE filename;

where "filename" is a string literal which defines the name of the ASCII text file, excluding the path name and file extension. The file must reside in the data directory of the Repository and have the file extension .FVR.

Values are held in the file with one value per line. The values must be of the same data type as the variable, i.e. integer values for integer variables, float values for float variables, and string values for string variables. For example, a file for an integer variable could contain the following values:


A file for a character variable could contain the values:


Values, held in the file, employ escape sequences.

Values are retrieved from the file associated to a variable using the NEXT and GENERATE command.
The NEXT command retrieves the next sequential value from the file, GENERATE choose a random value from the file.
If the variable is set to the last value in the file when the NEXT command is executed, the variable will be reset to the first value in the file. The variable can also be explicitly reset using the RESET command.

The file option is not valid for variables that:
  1. Have an associated value list.
  2. Have been declared as an array.

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