Requesting a License

  1. Launch AgileLoad Test Center.

  2. Select Tools/License... from menu.

  3. Click the Computer ID button and enter a file name to save into. This file will be asked when you active the license.

  4. Navigate to AgileLoad web site :

  5. Connect to your AgileLoad account.

  6. Select the license requested.

  7. One you have paid, go to Manage my licenses page.

  8. Your license appear in Paid licenses list. Click on Active.

  9. Enter your Computer ID file. Then click on Activate your license button.

  10. Return to Manage my licenses page. Your license appear in Activated licenses list. Click on Download license file and save your license.

  11. Return to License Settings dialog in AgileLoad Test Center. Click on Set License button, select the license file.

  12. Your license is now installed.

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