The list features can be accessed via:

Sort Index

AgileLoad Center is able to display very large lists (i.e. 1 million lines). The "Sort Indexes" feature has been created to sort and filter lists. To build these indexes, select the "Build sort index" button located at the bottom of the list or select the "Lists/Build Sort Index" Menu option. When the Indexes are built, the button caption is renamed to "Sort Index Built".


Icon :  

The filter criteria available corresponds to the column categories in the data list table. Settings can be selected from the filter options. A different filter dialog box appears for each list type :


Undo filter

Icon :  

Undoes the previous filter.


The following dialog box is used to select the columns that are to be exported.

Clicking on OK exports the selected columns to a ".CSV" (comma separated values file) or an HTML file.

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