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AgileLoad lets you evaluate the performance of your Web Application Environments (WAEs).  They can be employed at all stages of WAE development, as well as being used to continuously monitor system performance once an WAE is live.

Use them to develop jobs which monitor and collect performance data from live WAEs within a production environment and to create load tests which include an HTTP/S load element, known as Scripts, to help assess the performance of WAEs during development. They let you run jobs against the same target system within both load testing and monitoring scenarios. This means that you can directly compare the performance of the target system within these two environments.

Use AgileLoad Test Center to create Collectors and Scripts, then create and run the Jobs which incorporate them in order to generate the performance data you need.

Load Tests

AgileLoad is designed to create and run HTTP/S load tests to help assess the performance of WAEs. Load tests can be developed to simulate realistic Web scenarios by creating and adding Scripts to a load test job to reproduce the activity of hundreds to thousands of users. Resource utilization information and response times from WAEs being tested can be monitored and collected during a job run and then displayed. This lets you identify system limitations or faults before launch, or after Web services have been modified, in order to help you create reliable Web sites that meet your load requirements.
Load test jobs can also incorporate Collectors which monitor and record the performance of target components that make up the system being tested.

The Scripts used in a load test job can be disabled when the WAE goes live allowing you to use the same job and the Collectors it includes, to monitor and record performance data during a production-based job run. Job results can then be directly compared to assess the performance of the target system within a load test and production environment.

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