Output Pane

The Output Pane is used to display results of Script compilation and to report the progress during the replay and compilation of a Script. This includes any errors and other status messages.

Output Pane information is organized into six categories:

Click on the tabs to view the information they contain. The categories are:

StoryBoard This tab shows a story-board of the recorded scenario. Selecting a screenshot will automatically selects the corresponding request in the script and shows its associated information in the Http data pane.
Check This tab displays compilation progress and results.
Replay Click the icon in the Execute/Replay toolbar to replay a Script. The replay progress is displayed here. Replay data is retained until you close the Script file. During this time you can view the replay data at any time by clicking on the Replay tab.
Watch tab Displays the variables values during replay.
Find in HTTP Click the icon in the edit toolbar to find a text in all the documents saved (in the .all file) during the recording session.
Session ID Manager The session ID manager view gives a list of all the session id values which have been replaced by variables using one of the following methods:

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