Modifying the Chart Look Series

To modify the Chart Look series:

  1. Select a Chart Element in the Workspace pane and double-click it to open it.

  2. To display the Chart Look pane, right-click the Chart Preview area and select Chart Properties.
    The Chart Look pane appears.

  3. Select the Chart Look you want to modify.

    The selected Chart Look is automatically applied to the current Chart Element.

  4. In the Chart options field, select Series to modify the Chart Look series.


  5. You can now modify the Chart Look series

    The following table describes the Chart Look pane options and their uses.




Modifies the Chart Look series type:

  • Line

  • Bar

  • Area

  • Point

  • Area Stacked


Modify the Chart Look series width


Modifies the series style:

  • Solid

  • Dash

  • Dot

  • Dash Dot

  • Dash Dot Dot

  • Small Dot

  • Not Visible


Modifies the series pattern

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