Workspace Pane

The Workspace pane allows you to manage Chart Elements, Table Elements, Text Elements and Report Templates.

To display the Workspace pane, select Workspace Bar from the View menu

The window located on top of the Workspace pane is composed of three default folders:

  • Charts

  • Tables

  • MS Word Reports.

The 'Report Text Elements" tree view located at the bottom of the Workspace pane gives the list of Text Elements which can be inserted in Reports.


These folders organize the contents of the Workspace pane into a directory structure that you can browse through to locate the objects you want to work on. Double-click the predefined folders to open them and display the files they contain. These folders have functional options associated with them, which you can access by right-click on the folders. They present separate right-click menus that contain options for creating new elements, deleting or renaming them.

Double-click a Chart Element, a Table Element or a Report Template in the Workspace pane, to open it in the Report Element pane.

The Chart Elements, Table Elements and Report Templates stored in the Workspace pane are organized alphabetically and can be deleted using the right-click menu option associated with each file or using the keyboard.

Workspace Pane Toolbar

Workspace pane toolbar


The following table lists the commands on the Workspace pane toolbar and their uses.





Refreshes the Workspace pane

Opens the current item (Chart Element, Table Element or Report Template)

Creates a new folder

Renames the current item

Deletes the current item

Adds the current item to the Report Template that is being edited

Workspace Pane Contextual Menu

You can access the Workspace pane element contextual menu by right-clicking a Workspace pane element.


Workspace pane contextual menu

The following table lists the commands on the Workspace pane contextual menu and their uses.






Opens the current item (Chart Element, Table Element or Report Template)


Renames the current item


Deletes the current item


Creating a New Folder

To create a new folder:

  1. Click the New folder  button.
    The new folder appears in the Workspace pane.

  2. Specify a new name for the newly created folder.

Note: You can create several folders and use them to organize your report templates. 

Moving a Folder

To move a folder, use the drag and drop functionality. The folders are sorted alphabetically.
Note: The predefined Report Elements folder cannot be moved.

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