Regenerate Script

If you need to revert back to your originally recorded script, you can regenerate it. This feature can be used for debugging or fixing a corrupted script.
It can be used also to regenerate a script with different options than the ones used during recording.
Regeneration removes all modifications that you performed on the script.

To regenerate a script:

  1. Select the "Tools/Regenerate Script..." menu; the following dialog is opened

  2. Choose options:
    Manage subrequests If the "Manage subrequests" option is checked, the generated script contains only the web requests (Navigate and Submit commands) which correspond to user actions. The Navigate and Submit commands automatically executes http requests and their http sub-requests like redirects, images or links (css, js files). Http requests  issued by a Javascript code are not automatically executed. Check "No Parse CSS" to exclude automatic http requests from css files.
    Add check on page title If the "Check on page title" option is checked, a "Check" option is automatically added on every Primary Navigate, Submit, Get and Post request in order to verify the title of the page
    Add page timers If the "Add page timers" option is checked, "page timer" are automatically inserted in the script to collect statistics about pages.
    Show http cache headers If the "Show cache Header" option is checked, HTTP cache headers are written in the script (if-modified-since, if-none-match headers).
    Add comments for cookies If the "Add Comment for Cookies" option is checked, a comment is generated before each request which contains cookie(s).
    Urls Filter Mode: "No Urls Filter", "Exclude Urls", "Include Urls" List of regular expressions. With "Exclude Urls" mode, all the urls that match these regular expressions will not be written in the script, or with "Include Urls" mode, it will be the opposite. For instance, it can be used to exclude links to advertising websites.


  3. Click "OK".

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