Rendezvous points are use to synchronize users to start an action at exactly the same time.

Add a rendezvous point in a script using the rendezvous statement. Several rendezvous can be inserted in the scritps. Each rendezvous is characterized by its name.

eg: rendezvous "Login phase";

When a user arrives at a rendezvous point, it is locked until the number of users concerned by the rendezvous arrive at the rendezvous point. When the number of users specified in the configuration of the rendezvous is arrived at the rendezvous point, the users are unlocked.

Select the Rendezvous tab located at the bottom of the job view.

Rendezvous List

The Rendezvous List allows to assign a different rendezvous criteria to each rendezvous.

The rendezvous list is automatically filled with the rendezvous contained in the scripts which compose the job (one line for each rendezvous).  If new scripts are added to the job, the list can be refreshed (in order to display the new rendezvous) by clicking the  button.

Rendezvous criterias

A different rendezvous criteria can be assigned for each rendezvous. To modify the rendezvous criterias, select one (or several) cells in the rendezvous list and modify the properties using the options located at the bottom of the view. The list of scripts which contain the selected rendezvous are displayed in the list view located at the left-bottom side of the rendezvous tab.

The number of VUs which must arrive at the rendezvous point in order to unlock all the users concerned by the rendezvous can be specified :

If the users specified in the configuration are not arrived at the rendezvous point after the timeout period specified in the "timeout" field, all the users concerned by the rendezvous are unlocked.


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