All Job Definition files and the result files produced by Job-runs are stored in a flat-file structure on disk; this serves as the Repository. If the installation directory is the default location, the Repository folder is:

C:\Program Files\\AgileLoad\Repository

Repository structure:



Repository\Data Data files: i.e. file associated to FILE variable.
Repository\ObjectCode Compiled HTTP scripts.
Repository\Profiles Collectors.
Repository\Scripts HTTP scripts.
Repository\Scripts\include HTTP include files.
Repository\Scripts\Include\ global include file.
Repository\Tests Job files, including job result folders.


An alternative Repository folder can be specified within "Test Center" using the "Options/Repository Path" menu option.

When a job is executed, all Scripts that need to be compiled are compiled into the \Objectcode folder of the Repository. 

When the execution of a Task Group is initiated, all the files required by the HTTP/S injectors and Collector Engines are copied to the \bin\Temp folder of the injector Hosts. These files are temporary and can be deleted when job execution is complete.

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