Repository Tab

The Repository tab displays the contents of the Repository in three predefined folders:

These folders organize the contents of the Repository into a directory structure which you can browse through to locate the files you need. Double-click on the predefined folders to open them and display the files they contain. These folders have functional options associated with them, which can be accessed by right-clicking on the folders. They present separate right-click menus which contain options for creating new Collectors, Scripts and Jobs.

When you double-click on a Job or Collector in the Repository Window, they are opened in the Jobs management window. Double-click on a Script in the Repository Window to open it using the AgileLoad Script Editor. This Module is launched in a separate window where you can create and model Scripts.

The Scripts, Collectors and Jobs stored in the Repository are organized alphabetically and can be deleted by using the right-click menu option associated with each file or by using the keyboard.

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