Edit Menu/Toolbar

The Edit menu is accessed from the main menu bar.
Edit toolbar




Undo Cancels last action.


Repeates the last action.
Cut Cuts the selection and moves it to the Clipboard.
Copy Copies selection to the clipboard.
Paste Inserts the Clipboard contents in the insertion point.
Find & Replace/Find... Finds the specified text.
Find & Replace/Find In HTTP Responses... Finds the specified text in the captured documents.
Find & Replace/Replace... Replaces the specified text with different text.
Find & Replace/Find and Replace In Strings... Replaces the specified text with different text in character strings.
Find & Replace/Goto... Moves to a specified location.
Previous Primary Request Moves to the previous Primary request.
Next Primary Request Moves to the next Primary request.
Toggle Bookmark Adds a Bookmark.

Outlining menu

Outlining commands are only available if the "Enable Collapse" option is set in the Edit menu.



Hide Selection Collapses the currently selected text. Text must be selected to use this command

Stop Hiding Current

Removes the outlining information for the currently selected user-defined region.
Collapse to Definitions Collapses the members of all types so that all of the members belonging to a type are clearly seen.
Toggle all Outlining Sets all procedures to the same hidden or expanded state. If some regions are expanded and some hidden, then the hidden regions are expanded.
Toggle Outlining Expansion Reverses the current hidden or expanded state of the innermost outlining section in which the cursor lies when you are in a nested collapsed section.
Stop Outlining Removes all outlining information for the entire document. All regions are visible and the symbols removed, but the underlying code is undisturbed.

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