Output Window: Session ID Manager Tab

The session ID manager tab gives a list of all the session ID values which have been replaced by variables in HTTP requests using one of the following methods:

The list is composed of 3 columns:

Click the "Clear List" button, located on the upper right side of the Session ID Manager view, to remove all the entries from the list.

Locate the Modified HTTP Request

Double-click on a line or select the "Goto Request" from the contextual menu; the corresponding HTTP request is highlighted in the script.

Locate the HTTP Request Containing the Original Session ID Value

1. The parent request has been found:

If the "parent request ID" column contains a value, select the "Goto Parent" option from the contextual menu; it highlights the HTTP request whose identifier is equal to the one specified in the "parent request ID" column.

2. The parent request has not been found:

In some situations (ex: the session ID is generated by a javascript function), the session ID manager cannot automatically locate the origin of a session ID.  In theses cases, the   icon is displayed on the left side of the message line and the "Parent Request ID" value is '-'. Select the "Find in HTTP responses" from the contextual menu to manually locate the HTTP requests that contain the session ID in their response.

The "Find in HTTP" dialog is opened and contains the session ID value to search.

Click "OK". The HTTP requests are listed in the Find In HTTP tab.


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