SNMP Collectors

SNMP Collectors (Simple Network Management Protocol) are used to monitor and collect SNMP data from Host computers or other devices running an SNMP agent. Creating then running SNMP Collectors as part of a job lets you collect data results in order to help you assess the performance of WAEs under test.

SNMP is the Internet standard protocol developed to manage nodes on an IP network, but SNMP is not limited to just TCP/IP. It can be used to manage and monitor all sorts of equipment including computers, routers, wiring hubs, printers and software. That is, anything capable of running an SNMP management process, known as an SNMP agent. All computers and many peripheral devices meet this requirement, which means you can create and include SNMP Collectors in a job to collect data from most components used in your target WAEs.

SNMP counters defined in a Collector can be displayed graphically during a Job-run to monitor the performance of the target Host. 

To edit a SNMP collector:

  1.  In the Repository Tab, double-click Collectors/SNMP Collector to open the folder and display the Collectors contained.
  2.  Double-click on a new Collector or an existing Collector to open it.

The way SNMP collectors are displayed in the AgileLoad Center Workspace window is different from the other collectors. Indeed, if several Apache collectors are opened, a different window is opened for each one. If several SNMP collectors are opened, they are all opened in the same window; the "SNMP Collectors" window. 
One new tab is created in the "SNMP Collectors" window for each SNMP collector opened.

The SNMP Collector Window is composed of three views:

To display a closed docking view (SNMP Tree and SNMP Profiles), right-click:

A  menu containing the following entries is displayed:

Note: The first time an SNMP collector is opened, the SNMP Server Scan dialog box is automatically opened. It identifies all networked SNMP Servers currently running an SNMP agent within a defined IP address range.

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