SNMP Collectors View

A collector is composed of two views:

  1. The Counters view
  2. The Information view

Counters view

The Counters view displays the list of performance counters contained in the collector. New counters can be inserted manually in the list or dragged and dropped from the SNMP Tree and Profile Tree. Existing counters can be duplicated, deleted or modified. The following actions (contextual menu) are available in the counters view:



A counter name can be directly modified in the list by double-clicking in a cell of the Name column.

Information view

The Information view displays the attributes of the selected counter and lets you modify them.
Below are the counter attributes:

Name Counter name
Host:Port IP address and Port number of the SNMP Agent.
OID Counter identifier. If the OID attribute is selected, a is displayed allowing the OID validity to be checked.
Description Counter description.
Interval Time period (in seconds) to control the frequency of data collection.
Delta false: records the raw data value.
true: records the Delta value. Delta value records the difference between the data collected at each interval.
Enable If false, the counter is ignored.

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