SNMP Server Scan

Use the Server Scan command to identify all servers currently running an SNMP agent within a defined IP address range. An SNMP agent is a program that binds to a port and awaits requests from SNMP management software.

To scan the SNMP agents running, select the ‘Server scan’ icon. The SNMP Server Scan dialog box will open, which displays a list of SNMP Servers (Host:Port list) that can be filled either automatically or manually:


  • Automatic scan: 
    • Select an IP range in the Start IP and End IP edit boxes.
    • Select a Port number (default 161) or an Port Range.
    • Press the "Scan" button.

    All hosts on which an SNMP agent is running are inserted in the Host:Port list.

  • Manual insert: To manually insert a new entry in the Host:Port list:
    • Double-click an empty line 
    • Select "Add" from the contextual menu
    • Press the "Ctrl+N" keys.

    Enter a Host:port value (i.e. and press "Enter" to validate. If no SNMP agent runs on the specified Host:Port, the entry is removed from the list.


Host:Port List entries can be edited (by double-clicking on the line) and deleted (selecting the "Delete" contextual menu option or pressing the "Del" key.)


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