SNMP Tree 

The "SNMP Tree" docking window displays the SNMP performance counters available on the host specified in the host drop-down list (in the SNMP Tree's toolbar). 
The tree is initialized with the default SNMP nodes:

The following actions can be executed in the SNMP tree view:

  1. SNMP Server Scan: Scans the SNMP agents running on the network (fills the host:port drop-down list in the toolbar).
  2. The Walk commands: Fills the SNMP tree with the SNMP counters available on the host:port specified in the drop-down list.
  3. Add OIDs to a collector: Explains how to add counters in a collector (drag and drop).
  4. Add OIDs to a profile: Explains how to build a profile.
  5. Additional commands: Miscellaneous commands in an SNMP tree.

Note: SNMP trees are not persistent, you have to rebuild an SNMP tree each time the "SNMP Collectors" window is opened.

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