Additional SNMP Tree Commands

The following commands are available on Tree views:


Finds nodes in the SNMP Tree.

  1. Click the icon or the "Search" contextual menu option or press the "Ctrl+F" keys. The "OID Search" dialog box will open.

  2. Enter the node name and the node types to search.

  3. Press the "Search" button.

The first node corresponding to the search criteria will appear. Press the "F3" key to find the next nodes.

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Note:If a folder is selected, the search is only done through the folder's children.


 Expand All

Completely expands a folder subtree.

  1. Select the folder to expand.

  2. Select the "Expand All" contextual menu option.



Removes a node, a node set or a folder from a tree.

  1. Select the node and folders to delete.

  2. Select the icon or "Delete" contextual menu option or press the "Del" key.


Note: Root folders cannot be removed.




Gives node information.

  1. Select a node.

  2. Select the icon or "Properties" contextual menu option. The OID Properties dialog box will open.

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