Task Group Tab (for Collector and Scripts Task Groups)

The Task Group information tab is displayed when:


Specifies the task group name. By default, the Task Group name is taken from the Job name and includes a number suffix which is automatically incremented for each new Task Group added to the Job.


The injector specifies the host computer on which the Task Group will run during a job-run. The default value is "localhost".
You can enter an injector name or select one from the drop-down list. The drop-down list can be populated using the Find Injector feature (Tools/Find Injectors on network menu).


Start lets you define the schedule setting. The different start options are:

immediately The task group starts when the job is started.
delayed The Task Group starts after the set time period, (days: hours: minutes: seconds), relative to when the job was started.
Enter a time period using the Days and Time boxes.
scheduled The Task Group starts after the number of days and at the time you set.
Enter a time period using the Days and Time text boxes.


There are three options for stopping Task Groups:

Manually The Task Group will run continuously until you click the Stop button in the Status column of the Task Group to stop the Job.
After fixed time The Task Group is stopped after a fixed period of time.
Enter a time period using the Duration box.
On Completion The Script-based Task Group is stopped after completing a number of iterations.
Enter the number of Task Group iterations in the Iterations text box.


Enter a description for the Task Group.


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