Scripts Tab (for Scripts Task Groups only)

The Scripts  information tab is displayed when a Script is selected in a Scripts Task Group.

Scripts List

The Scripts List contains the lists of HTTP scripts included in the Task Group. The toolbar located at the top of the list lets you add/Remove and reorder the HTTP Scripts.


Iteration Sets a value to control the number of times (iterations) a Virtual User will run the Script during a Job-run.
If the script contains a TransactionBegin command and a TransactionEnd command, the commands which are located before the "TransactionBegin" command, are only executed during the first iteration. The commands which are located  between the "TransactionBegin" and the "TransactionEnd" commands are executed in all iterations. The commands which are located after the "TransactionEnd" are only executed during the last iteration
Time Specifies a time period to determine when the task finishes.


You can specify a Fixed or Variable delay between each iteration of a Script Task.

Fixed Sets a time value in seconds using the Delay text box.
Variable Sets a value range in seconds using the Minimum and Maximum text boxes to control the upper and lower limits of variable iteration delay.

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