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AgileLoad is flexible software that enable you to quickly develop and run HTTP/S load tests, along with production monitoring tests, to help you assess the performance of Web Application Environments (WAEs.)

AgileLoad is comprised of several modules including the following:

Use Test Center to initiate and control the Job development process.

Jobs can be comprised of one or more Collectors, one or more Scripts or a combination of both, depending on whether you are performance testing a system within a development or a production environment. It is possible to modify a load test to monitor the same target system in a production scenario by disabling the Scripts it includes so that no load is generated when the job is run.

Scripts are created using AgileLoad Script Editor which records the HTTP requests issued by a browser during a Web session. 

Collectors are used to monitor and record performance data during a job run. They contain user-defined data collection queries and monitoring options that control the data collected from Host computers and other target devices during a job run.

Results can be displayed while a job is running (Monitoring) or after a job is complete (Results).

Use Report Designer to design report templates in Microsoft word format. Those templates can contain custom charts and tables and are used by Test Center to generate test reports.


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