VU Information Tab (for Scripts Task Groups only)

The VU information tab is displayed when a VU cell is selected in a Scripts Task Group.

Nb VUs
The total number of Virtual Users to be started.

Ramp-up time (s)
Specifies the time (in seconds) during which the Virtual Users assigned to a batch start the Task Group. The start point for each Virtual User is evenly staggered across this period.

Ramp-up options
Check the "Ramp-up options" if you want to ramp-up the load you generate by controlling when the Virtual Users you have assigned run. This is achieved by starting groups of Virtual Users in user defined batches.

Data Collection
Those options define how many Virtual Users will collect statistics.

Save Request Details
Check the "Save Request Details" to make Virtual Users log their HTTP traffic. These information will be available at the end of the job execution in the VU Details view.

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