The Load Testing Tool for all your Web & Mobile Applications

Free scripting, proactive monitoring, performance anomaly detection & diagnostics, custom reporting : try it now !

Agileload testing tool features

  • Rich Internet Application:  Full support of the latest technologies with easy configuration of AJAX, Flex, Silverlight, Sharepoint, .NET, J2EE and all type of ERP/CRM such as SAP Web and Siebel
  • Complete : Multi-protocol and full infrastructure monitoring in a single package.
  • Easy to use  :  Automatic recording and replay of user scenarios. Automatic report generation. Wide range of preset monitoring thresholds.
  • Advanced : Proactive monitoring, statistical correlation and anomalies diagnostics
  • Enterprise : Scalable, fully customizable.
  • Cost effective : Free scripting and test setup. "Pay-as you-go" license


End to end performance monitoring all in one software package

  • .Net, J2EE, Ajax, Adobe Air-Flex, Silverlight, Sharepoint, JSON, Webservices, SOAP, Apache, IIS, Websphere, Jboss, Oracle, SQLServer, Mysql, DB2, SAPWeb, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Hyperion, Windows, Unix, Citrix, ...


Become Agile !

As you download Agileload, you can for free and for life...

  • Create and validate reusable users scenarios
  • Setup your load test and performance monitoring strategy 
  • Setup injector on the cloud with no extra costs
  • Execute small performance tests
  • Create different custom and reusable load test reports
  • Access to the learning center, video center and user support forum

Buy virtual users for large tests "on the fly"

  • Get a "pay-as-you-go" license with the load and timeframe needed (>50 virtual users)